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How far in advance do we need to book?

It really is impossible to say. Some dates (particularly for weddings) get booked over a year in advance, and some dates never get booked. If you are flexible with your dates, I can usually squeeze you in with two to three months’ notice (sometimes less – it just depends, so it never hurts to ask!). But if you are only going to be here (i.e. on vacation) for a few days and you have a specific date in mind, it’s best to book as early as possible.


I am unable to “pencil you in” for a particular date without a deposit – I used to do this, but it quickly became impossible to keep track of everyone who wanted to be penciled in! Your session is not confirmed until I receive your deposit. In fairness to all of my clients, there are no exceptions.


Note: I generally only book portrait sessions on Monday through Friday. Most of my Saturdays are booked for weddings, and I try to take a much needed rest and spend time with my family on Sundays.


What will the total cost be? What does the price include? How does it all work?

A $60 deposit is required to reserve the date for your session. You can make a deposit through my website or by mailing a check (please confirm availability first). Your deposit is non-refundable unless your session is canceled due to weather (see below), and your session date is not confirmed until I receive your deposit.


The cost for a basic photo shoot is $160. Your remaining balance is due in full at the time of your session and includes my time, equipment, and expertise. It does not include your photographs. If you cannot schedule an appointment Mon thru Thurs I may be available for Fri or Sat for $210


There is an extra charge for extra families/friends (i.e. grandparents) due to the additional time and poses required as well as  extra time required for post processing. There is also a travel fee that applies if the session takes place outside the local area.


You can pay all of the above in advance through the website, or pay at the beginning of your session. I accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Am Ex


10 -14  business days after your session, your photos will be uploaded to my website for you to proof. You can then order high resolution digital images on CD, prints, or canvas wraps through the website.


The price of digital images is inclusive of edited high resolution images in both color or black & white as well as a copyright release that allows you unlimited personal use of your images. There can be 2-4 week turn around on all orders. This is due to the fact that I personally edit every single image that your order to ensure the highest quality of your pictures.


What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Your deposit is non refundable (unless your session is canceled due to weather – see below). So if you have to cancel your photo session for any reason with at least 24 hours notice, you will only forfeit your deposit.


*No-shows, or cancellations received with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged the entire session fee.*


How much do you charge for weddings and other events?

For weddings, receptions, and other events I charge by the hour for the shoot itself, and the rate depends on the event ( it’s best to call or e-mail for a personalized quote)

I can also help if you need someone to officiate your wedding. Please ask.



What is the Copyright Release and How Does It Work?

As the photographer, per U.S. and international copyright law, I own the copyright to your images. They are my creative work and “intellectual property”. However, unlike many photographers, I allow my clients to purchase their high resolution digital images with a copyright release. The copyright release I provide allows you unlimited personal use and reproduction of your images. You are free to print them, e-mail them, use them for Christmas cards, put them on Facebook, etc. You can do just about anything except sell them, enter them in photo contests, use them for any type of monetary gain, or claim them as your own work.


Note: Many photo labs will require a copy of your written copyright release before they will print your images. You will receive a copy of the release with your order.


What should we expect during our session?

We will start out with some paperwork and a short consultation to make sure I have a feel for what you want. We will try to knock out any specific “poses” you want first, but please keep in mind this is not my main focus. My style is casual and relaxed. I like to capture you interacting with each other and having FUN – so please come prepared to take off your shoes and roll around in the sand!


Some of the best pictures are those that capture your personalities, the kids, little tantrums, toddlers eating sand, the casual touch of a hand, or the wipe of a tear. Don’t expect your child to be on his/her best behavior and smile for the camera, just let them play and have fun. I WILL get some great shots, and the less stressed out you are, the better your pictures will be!



What is the best time of day for a session?

Early morning and late afternoon generally have the best lighting for beach shots. The light is just too bright and harsh in the middle of the day where there is little or no shade, and shadows and squinting become a problem. Most of my beach sessions begin about an hour before sunset. If we are going to do a session at home, at a park, botanical garden (such as Sunken Gardens), or downtown where there is more shade, we will be less restricted with time.


What should we wear?

This is really a matter of personal preference, but I love bright colors! The most important things are to be comfortable and be yourself. That being said, coordinated colors make for a less distracting portrait. Light colors work well for sunny weather, and darker colors tend to be better for cloudy days – you might want to pack both just in case!


You don’t necessarily all need to wear the same color. The females can wear one color, males another, or all adults wear one color and kids wear something different. You could all wear different colors but think about a common theme.


One other thing to keep in mind is logos and labels – think about whether you want these visible in your images and dress accordingly. Logos can really date your images (that brand name on your shirt may not be so popular 10 years from now!)


Finally, don’t stress about what you should wear. Keep it simple. I will be focusing on your faces and your interactions, not your clothes!



Can we bring props?

Absolutely! Umbrellas, seashells, blankets, hats, flowers, etc. can add a unique dimension to your photographs. They are your portraits – bring whatever you like!


Do you have a studio?

No, all of my work is done on location using natural light. Please note that my style of photography is natural and relaxed, and I shoot mostly outdoors in the elements (wind, sand, water, etc.). This can make for some beautiful pictures, but it’s important that you have the right expectations. If you don’t want things like birds, sticks, grass, and sand in your portraits, a studio session might be a better fit for you. I will edit out obvious distractions, but I believe the beauty of nature all around us only enhances the final image.


What if the weather is bad?

Keep in mind the weather is very dynamic in Florida and it’s not uncommon for it to be raining one minute and absolutely beautiful an hour later. And believe it or not, cloudy skies can make for amazing backdrops and sunsets!


I will touch base with you the day of your session. If the weather is completely unacceptable (i.e. raining), I will make every effort to reschedule you. If we are unable to reschedule, your deposit is fully refundable. Weather is the only case in which your deposit is refundable.

However, if you make the call to go ahead with the shoot despite our advice or weather reports and I travel to the location, the deposit will not be refunded and will offset the cost for my time and gas.


Do you edit our photographs?

 I do edit all images to enhance the quality and beauty , but this does not include removal of suntan lines, blowing hair, head swaps etc. This service is available at an extra charge and you can select "retouched digital image ' when checking out, if you need further editing done. Obvious distractions will be removed from your final images.


What file type do you use? What type of digital files will we receive if we order a disc?

The images you receive on your disc will be jpegs (i.e. yourphoto.jpg).


What size will my digital images be? Can I get them “blown up” to whatever size I want?

Your digital images will be high resolution and for the most part there is no limit to the size of print or canvas you may order.

In many cases, they can be printed very large, and I have had my work printed and displayed in huge banners on the side of buildings - every image is different and it really just depends. For larger enlargements, it is best to come back to me so I can go back to the original source file and prepare the image for printing at the highest resolution possible.


Can my digital images be printed in any size?

Your images can be cropped to any size and printed, but you may find that the edges of the image tend to get cut off when cropping to certain sizes due to the change in dimensions. If you order your prints through Simple Treasures I will ensure correct cropping


Is it best to order prints directly from you, or order my digital images and get them printed myself?

This is a matter of personal preference. Drug stores and department stores are obviously the cheapest place to get your images printed. Stand-alone photo labs usually do a better job, and tend to be a little more expensive. Make sure the photo lab you choose pays special attention to color management and cropping of the edges.


Keep in mind, you usually get what you pay for, and I cannot be responsible for the quality of prints you receive from another lab.

If you order your prints directly from me, I will take the time to make sure your image is cropped to the right size and is printed with the right color and brightness. Your image will be more likely to look the same as it does on your computer, and will be printed on high quality professional grade paper that will last by a professional lab.


Are your canvas wraps the same as the ones I can get at my local drug store or photo lab?

No. The canvas wraps I offer are professional grade and are the same as you would find in a fine art gallery or professional studio. You can’t generally get them from a photo lab. If you are thinking about a canvas wrap, let me know and I can bring some samples to your session. These are such a unique and beautiful way to display your images!


Can we place multiple orders?

Yes – While your images are available for proofing, you can place as many orders as you like. If friends or family want to order prints, canvas wraps, or a set of digital images for themselves, they are free to do so through the website.


Can we order multiple discs of our digital images?

Yes – If you just want a duplicate disc with the same set of images, there is a $20 charge to cover the time and packing materials (click on “Products” from the proofing area to add the duplicate disc to your order).


If you want two or more completely different sets of images, you will need to place separate orders for each set of images.


You will have to decide amongst your group whether it is easier and/or more economical to order a larger package and get a duplicate disc, or place two separate orders.


How long do you keep digital copies of our photographs? Can I order them later if I decide I want more?

Your images will be available for viewing and proofing on my website for 4 weeks. You can share the link to your images with friends and family, and will need to place your order within this timeframe. If you require additional time for viewing and proofing your images, there is an extra charge of $25 for each two week period. This offsets my cost for hosting your images on my website.


While I do normally keep your digital images on file, this is not guaranteed. I obviously can’t keep thousands of images on file indefinitely, and there is no guarantee that your images will be available for future orders. If you like an image, you are encouraged to include it in your initial order.


How long does it take you to edit my images? When will I receive my disc?

Your order will be normally shipped within 6 weeks, especially during peak times like Spring, Summer, and around the Holidays and if further retouch is required. Please include this in your planning timeline if you intend to order prints for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Graduation, or another special occasion. If you need a particular image quickly, please let me know. I might be able to rush a particular image, but in fairness to my other clients, I am unable to rush your entire order over someone else’s.

 Orders are processed in the order in which I receive them, so the best way to receive your order more quickly is to place your order as early as possible during your proofing period!


I do not have a disc drive. Am I able to order a flash drive ?

Yes. In fact I encourage people to order a flash drive or I can send you a dropbox link so that you can download your images directly to your computer. You will receive a flash drive and a dropbox link quicker than a disc that I need to prepare and package.